brian devine for broomfield - children playing on playgroundRight now, our city is at a critical juncture. How we move forward from now is up to all of us to decide. On July 18, we will know if the voices of citizens who have felt unrepresented will be heard louder than those who feel that resources are being wasted on an election that they deem unnecessary.

In just 16 days, the residents of Broomfield, and specifically Ward 4, will know if they will continue to be represented as they are now, or if a new voice will be selected to speak for the people who live here. I want to be that voice…not just for the next few months, but for the next 4 years.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of issues arise that demonstrate just how much work there is left to do to ensure that Broomfield remains a high-quality community, where neighborhoods are developed and improved in ways that enhance the quality of life for residents, and where the people who live here and pay taxes have a strong voice representing them, free from outside corporate and political influences.

Keeping neighborhoods and people safe from heavy industrial activities that pose a risk to our quality of life is a priority for me. The northern part of Broomfield, where I live with my family, is facing the possibility of a massive oil and gas extraction project the likes of which have never been seen or executed in any other residential neighborhood in the United States before. Broomfield sits at the crossroads of the debate on how to manage the commitment our state has made to mineral extraction while ensuring citizens can live in safe, affordable, communities without the risk of preventable disasters like what we saw recently in Firestone.

This past week, at least 5,000 gallons of oil were found to have spilled from a tank in Erie that sits on a well pad in the middle of Erie’s Community Park. That park is one that houses ball fields and playgrounds and sits next to the town’s community center and library. Thousands of families with young children enjoy that park and area every day. It will take time to assess the long-term impacts of this accident. This spill is just another example of why we should not allow oil and gas extraction activities to be done next to our homes, schools and playgrounds.

We are told that there is nothing a city can do to protect itself from oil and gas drilling and that the State government holds all of the power to make changes. That is simply untrue. When I am elected, I will work extremely hard to explore every single option available to us. I am willing to fight as hard as I can for you and your family because, in doing so, I’m also fighting for mine.

Whatever you feel about this recall election, please know this…the money for this special election is already spent. The rules for establishing a recall were followed, and while protests were filed and heard, a judge ultimately deemed the recall legal and legitimate. You may not agree with the recall or its basis, but having your voice heard in this election is critically important. Please do not sit this one out and make sure to vote and turn in your ballot before 7PM on July 18.

And, if you’d like to help me to protect Broomfield from outside influences and priorities, please consider a contribution to my campaign or help me to share my message with our community.