Is Brian Responsible For The Recall?...NO

I did not start the recall process and I am not a part of the group who worked to collect signatures and organized a special election. Over 2000 people signed the recall petition, and, that alone shows how engaged our community is and how passionate people are about wanting to be heard on issues that are important to them. In Ward 4, people have demonstrated that they want to be represented differently.

A recall may not seem ideal but it demonstrates the power of living in a democracy. I think people sometimes underestimate how engaged people are in their communities,  and it’s powerful to see how quickly an organized group of people can create change.

I’m running because I care about this community and if the recall does succeed, Ward 4 needs high quality representation. Without a candidate to fill the spot, the City Council would be tasked with appointing someone. And, I believe the people of our community have said clearly that they want to make the choice about who represents them.

That is why I am running. And, it is why I’m running in July AND in November as well. I am committed to working hard to protect Broomfield and to ensuring that it remains a safe place to live.