What Does Brian Mean By Accountable & Transparent Government?

This past year has highlighted the need for people to feel that their voices are being represented in their local government. People want to feel assured that what is being said on their behalf in public forums by elected officials is the same as what those officials are saying and advocating for behind closed doors.

As a city councilor, I won’t have all of the answers. I will listen to you, the people who elected me, and make the best decisions possible based on all ideas and information available at the time. We have a very engaged, highly educated population here in Broomfield and it’s important that we work together to find solutions and create policies that work best for our community.

I will do my best to engage with our community and ensure that when I vote on important issues, it will be after considering whether my vote represents what my constituents want. It is incredibly important to keep everyone informed about the things that are happening at city council.

Something we can do right away to improve communication between our local government and the residents of Broomfield is to create citizen liaisons who facilitate strong communication between the city council and you, the citizens.  The citizen liaisons would ensure that your questions, issues, concerns, and ideas would be sent directly to the City Council and you would have a clear and direct path to those in a position to act on your behalf.  Having liaisons would create an additional level of accountability for our elected officials and ensure that there is a record of community concerns and resulting actions.

I look forward to working with you and building a strong relationship between local government and our community.